Advocating Consulting Advising the cannabis industry in a controlled environment.

Bract & Pistil is a small, curated team of professionals, providing consulting services to the cannabis industry on Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA). Our experience, ability to adapt to industry fluctuations, and proven project success is proven in our work. 

Collectively, we have been working in the cannabis industry for 60 years of experience with the plant and 38 years in the above-ground industry. 

We understand our customer’s vision and with our expertise in controlled environment and facility management, the vision becomes a reality.


Our mission.

Our mission is to combine our extensive experience in the cannabis industry by sharing our knowledge to give our clients an advantage in their market and to create legacy companies throughout the United States.

About us.

Advocating for our clients is a pillar of the foundation for our success. 

We oversee:

  1. Project Management
  2. Troubleshoot Obstacles
  3. Recommend Solutions
  4. Organize, write,  and teach standard operating procedures
  5. Provide ongoing consulting services

We do not outsource our project team. We develop long standing relationships with our clients and consider ourselves an extension of their team, thus resulting in long term happy clients. 

Bract & Pistil aims to attract clients with similar core values in building their businesses and community. We feel that thoughtful, purposeful, and forthright partnerships allow us to cultivate each other's legacy.

The Bract & Pistil difference.

We design and oversee project management for controlled environments for the cannabis industry.

You can expect EXCELLENCE from our experienced team.

We do not outsource our work, our entire team is in-house.

We extend access to our industry network to our customers for contacts, hiring, and better pricing.

We provide written procedures and hands-on training to run facilities.

We walk in the customer's vision to create a controlled environment where they can cultivate their dreams.

We troubleshoot difficulties and provide solutions for active cultivations.

We will continue the journey and our hope is we can train your staff and be invited back for major milestones.

Wellman Farm is a licensed cultivator and manufacturer in the Massachusetts Adult Use Market. We have worked with Bract & Pistil for over almost 3 years in license approval as well as design and fit out of our facility. The level of service and knowledge that we have received is truly exceptional. We could not have achieved the success we have without the dedication and perseverance that were displayed by our friends at B & P. In addition the knowledge level of the staff has been nothing short of exceptional. When we have had challenges or problems the solutions suggested by B&P have shown a detailed understanding of the industry and solutions offered were developed with the idea of keeping cost as low as possible. We owe them a debt of gratitude for how they went above and beyond expectations in advising us.

Dominic Shelzi

President of Wellman Farm

My name is Michael Kelly, and I am with Shelby County Community Services/Belushis Farm. Jeremy and Ben visited our facility last Autumn to assess our building and equipment. When I met them, I was really happy to see how knowledgeable and professional they were and yet so easy to talk to. They were able to analyze everything from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. They knew exactly where our problems were and how to fix them. Again, extremely knowledgeable. So far, we have gotten about 60% of our equipment installed, and we have already seen a 50 lb. dry flower increase which is substantial, to say the least. With all of the fixes and increased plant health, I’ve also seen an increase in positive attitudes in the workplace. Jeremy and Ben went through each department and left nothing unnoticed. Every department has or is getting major equipment overhauls, which is exciting for everyone. We cannot thank them enough for taking the time to fly out and tour our facility. They have done more good than they can imagine. Thanks, Bract & Pistil!

Michael Kelly

Belushis Farm

FullTilt Labs has worked with Bract and Pistil from the beginning of licensing up to the full design of our facility. We are a cultivation and manufacturing brand licensed in the state of New Jersey. We would never have been able to get to where we are now without their help. Bract and Pistil are by far the most educated of anyone in this industry. They were able to design a first-class facility for us, and we are watching it all come to fruition right now. The level of expertise and attention to detail will not be found anywhere else. We consider Bract & Pistil family and will continue to work with them for years to come.


Bract & Pistil’s goal is to attract clients with similar core values in building their business as well as their community. We feel that thoughtful, purposeful, and forthright partnerships allow us to cultivate each other's legacy.

Sammy Piazza

Full Tilt Labs Owner/CoFounder

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