Professional Project Management for Cannabis CEA Facilities

Bract & Pistil is a small, curated team of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facility design and operation experts. We offer project management solutions for businesses in the cannabis industry, helping them coordinate the building phase of their controlled environments. We have years of experience in the CEA industry and have the ability to adapt to changes throughout the industry. Moreover, we have a track record of coordinating successful CEA building projects and helping our customers achieve outstanding results. 

If you’re interested in developing a new facility or upgrading your current one, our team of project management consultants can assist you. Get in touch with our controlled environment agriculture experts today and let’s work together to make your project a reality.

Reliable Project Management Consultants Overseeing Your Project Completion

Collectively, our CEA industry expert team members have been working in the cannabis industry for over 60 years. Most importantly, we have 38 years of experience planning, designing, and overseeing above-ground cannabis projects. We have a team of well-qualified project management professionals (PMP) that can assist you in bringing all your planning into reality. 


Our most valuable assets are our expertise, methodology, and proven track record of success in helping our customers develop controlled environment agriculture facilities. We ensure we understand your precise business needs, goals, budget, and schedule. As a result, we can effectively and thoroughly coordinate your project’s improvement. We guarantee it’s completed in time, matches your standards, and surpasses your expectations.

Our project management consultants bring your vision to life. We are trained, qualified, and informed to overview your facility’s building phase. We track your project’s progress, stay ahead of any risk, and ensure we enhance the productivity of those involved. Your controlled environment agriculture facility is in the right hands with Bract & Pistil.

Project management consultants for cannabis businesses.

Carefully Crafted Project Management Solutions

Our years in the cannabis and CEA industries have allowed us to establish a comprehensive process that tackles every step in your building process. We manage tasks and oversee the continual improvement of their project

Learn more about what goes into our professional project management methodology:

Deep Understanding of Your Business

At Bract & Pistil, we aim to help our customers build legacy companies. Part of this includes forming thoughtful, purposeful, and forthright partnerships that allow us to cultivate each other’s legacy. This starts with a deep understanding of your business. Our project management consultants ensure we perfectly understand our customer’s vision in order to bring it to life. 

Additionally, we aim to develop long standing relationships with our clients that go beyond the completion of their project.

Defining the Project’s Structure

Another critical factor in our efforts of project improvement is understanding the project planning itself. We identify the most important components of your project. These include expected completion schedule, resource management needs, and the overall goal of your project.

Our project management experiences help us determine areas of improvement related to these elements. And as a result, we can turn our efforts into ensuring your facility is built as effectively as possible.

Executing Periodic Reviews

Your project is usually divided into small teams that carry out specific roles, functions, and work to meet unique goals. Our professional project management services include periodic reviews of the progress of every team involved in the completion of your project.

Additionally, we provide updated project documentation to upper management positions to inform of the entire project’s progress. This way, we also ensure you stay connected with your facility’s ongoing building phase, any setbacks, and more.

Ensuring Quality Work

The building phase of your CEA facility involves a wide range of service providers and vendors. From contractors directly involved in the construction process to vendors supplying all building materials. 

At Bact & Pistil, we provide project management solutions that include overseeing every service provider, and the quality of their products or services. As a result, we remain vigilant for quality decreases and minimize any impact on your project’s completion.

Contingency and Mitigation Planning

Professional project management risk mitigation.

As PMP certified specialists, we carefully stay ahead of any risk that can affect your project. This includes everything from weather conditions to lack of building materials, and more. Our expertise in the cannabis CEA industry means we have experience dealing with all sorts of challenges and have the knowledge to overcome them.

Mistakes can happen, but the Bract & Pistil team of professional project management experts is competent and resourceful.

Leave Your Project’s Improvement at the Hands of Experts

Bract & Pistil is a small, carefully curated team of professionals in the cannabis CEA industry. With years of experience, ability to adapt to industry fluctuations, and proven project success, our project management consultants are highly equipped to assist you in bringing your vision to life.

We offer solutions for every CEA facility design and operation step. Most importantly, we provide our customers with assistance that goes beyond project completion. At Bract & Pistil, we look to create long-lasting, deep connections with our clients and ensure our vision is aligned with theirs. Learn more about why our project management solutions are right for you.

Small and Mighty

At Bract & Pistil, we prioritize quality over quantity. This gives us time to truly connect with our customers, their vision, and develop the best project possible for them. Moreover, we specialize in the seed building aspect of the cannabis industry. This allows us to perfect our CEA solutions to meet our customer’s growing facility needs.

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Product Agnostic

Our knowledge of the industry keeps expanding. We stay on top of the latest technological advancements and take them into consideration to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions possible. Plus, we do not bind ourselves to specific brands, which means we consider the entire selection of products available to find the one that best suits our customers.


We have over 60 years in the cannabis industry, with 38 years focused on the above-ground aspect of cannabis production. We have experience in various growing types and adapt our services to our customer’s specific vision.

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Leave Your Growing Facility in the Hands of Experts

Coordinating the building phase of your CEA facility and seeing it through to completion can be a daunting task. Trust your project completion to experienced and reliable project management consultants At Bract & Pistil, we have the knowledge, understanding, and expertise to bring your vision to life. We ensure your project is done in time and within budget. Get in touch with Bract & Pistil today for high-quality professional project management services. Project management consultants

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At Bract & Pistil, we have perfected our service offering for cannabis growers looking to enhance their growing capabilities. We offer solutions for every step of your CEA journey. These include:
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  • Site evaluation
  • Facility design
  • System integration and operation
  • Professional project management
  • Equipment material sourcing
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