Advocating for our clients is a pillar of the foundation for our success.

We oversee project management, troubleshoot obstacles, provide solutions, organize and teach operating procedures, and continue the journey with our clients for as long as needed. We do not outsource excellence. We remain accessible to our clients and envision ourselves as part of their team.

Bract & Pistil’s goal is to attract clients with similar core values in building their business as well as their community. We feel that thoughtful, purposeful, and forthright partnerships allow us to cultivate each other's legacy.


Who We Are

Past Clients

Our Team


Jeremy Corrao

Co-Owner of Bract & Pistil

Jeremy has designed and operated cultivation facilities throughout the USA and advised on multiple international projects. Jeremy is the former Vice President of the commercial cultivation division at GrowGeneration, he continues to work as a Senior Advisor to their executive staff. Jeremy’s passion is project management and thoughtful facility design and workflow. Although it may not be his passion, he is an excellent advisor concerning budget and market projections. Jeremy is essential to your team’s ability to set expectations and supersede them!

VP of GrowGeneration Management Corp.

Owner of Alunna in Colombia

General Manager of East Coast Hydroponics Warehouse

Owner of Solar Seed Hydroponics


Laurel Horne

Co-Owner of Bract & Pistil

Laurel has owned multiple companies and has been in the industry for over 15 years! Laurel is an operations expert through and through and her passion is teaching and training specialized groups with specific goals. Her positive nature, ability to solve puzzles, organize chaos, and love for people makes her an excellent choice for helping to create, organize, and implement procedures to help your facility run flawlessly with a happy staff. 

Master of Science from Plymouth State University

VP of GrowGeneration Management Corp

Owner of Alunna in Colombia

Owner of Solar Seed Hydroponics


Benjamin Handwerger

Co-Owner of Bract & Pistil

Ben has his industry roots in New England with a focus on facility operations, system integrations, and automation for true facility optimization. He has designed and operated multiple facilities that have gone on to be acquired by multi-state operators. Ben’s passion is the highest-quality production and standards for producing an exceptional product and the facility processes to do so.

Advisor for TCS Compassion Ancillary Services

Advisor and Director of Operations for Theraplant

Owner/Operator of MCT Productions

Advisor for Carter’s Aromatherapy Design

Advisor and Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Theory Wellness

Advisor and Director of Operations for Nature’s Remedy

Advisor for Wellman Farm 

Advisory Board Member – AdaViv


01. Small & mighty.

We focus on the quality of our projects and not the quantity. We do not try to take on every aspect of seed-to-sale. We stay in the seed building.


02. Product agnostic.

We help our customers pick the right choices for their vision. We are open to staying on top of the newest technology and science and are not locked into selling a specific category of brands. 

03. Experience.

We have experience growing in MANY styles and are not scared to make the owner's vision a reality. Organic, Soil or Hydro, we can do it.  

What sets us apart.

Our passion projects.