Bract & Pistil team with Growing Belushi Cast

Bract & Pistil featured on Growing Belushi

Bract & Pistil featured on an upcoming episode of Growing Belushi

Check out Jim Belushi on an all-new season of his hit show Growing Belushi, premiering April 5th @ 9 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. Bract & Pistil‘s Jeremy Corrao joins the Belushi Team for season 3 as they search outside Oregon for expansion opportunities in the Cannabis Industry.

Growing Belushi Premiere

Statements from the Bract & Pistil Team about their experience:

Jeremy Corrao, Co-Owner of Bract & Pistil 

“The Growing Belushi team is incredibly welcoming and understanding and cares for each other as a family. The entire crew makes you comfortable on and off camera; they are hilarious, good-natured, and genuinely support each other and the cannabis industry. I am a better person for being part of the Belushi Family.”

Laurel Horne, Co-Owner of Bract & Pistil 

“Working with the Growing Belushi team this year was life-changing. I was able to experience parts of the world (and connect with people that have changed the fabric of my being. The crew supporting the show is incredibly funny, genuine, and kind, and I am excited that our company is part of the show and working with the Belushi Brand.”

Benjamin Handwerger, Co-Owner of Bract & Pistil 

“My encounters with the Belushi Team thus far have been nothing short of spectacular. From well-thought-out and methodical planning, clear and concise communication, and precision timing and execution, the entire Belushi crew has been a delight to work with. They are thoughtful beyond the norm of entirety, very inclusive of the plant(s), people, and process that we are so truly passionate about at Bract & Pistil, and thus make it very easy for our teams to align on future upgrades, integrations, and partnerships that the Belushi brand is so extremely well suited for in our industry.“

About Growing Belushi:

“Growing Belushi” is a television show that follows the journey of Jim Belushi and his team as they establish Belushi’s Farm, a legal cannabis farm in Oregon, and work to spread awareness about the benefits of legalized cannabis. The show features Jim Belushi and his team as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of the cannabis industry, from growing and harvesting cannabis plants to creating new products and developing business partnerships.

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About Bract & Pistil:

Bract & Pistil is a small, curated team of professionals in the Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) industry chosen for our experience, ability to adapt to industry fluctuations, and proven project success. CEA facility design and operations are our niches, and we work with our customer’s vision to create a controlled environment where they can cultivate their dreams. 

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