What is a Controlled Environment Agricultural Consultant?

In the controlled environment agricultural industry, cultivators, operators, and owners depend on professional advice regarding their crop production to improve their productivity and efficiency. This is where controlled environment agricultural consultants step in. These specialized consultants are responsible for developing new procedures and techniques to solve problems and improve operational productivity.

This blog will give you an insight into what controlled environment agricultural consultants do and our role in the controlled environment agricultural industry. 

What is the Role of a Controlled Environment Agricultural Consultant?

The role of a controlled environment agricultural consultant is to provide technical and financial advice to operating, environmental, and public sector staff. Their goal is to aid operators, owners, and others with agricultural interests, ensuring there are commercially viable and successful businesses with awareness of community and environmental impact. These types of consultants can either specialize in business or technical expertise. 

Business-focused consultants advise on financial elements and business planning, while technical consultants support cultivators on how to use their operation effectively, often focusing on environmental issues or energy efficiency. 

What Do Controlled Environment Agricultural Consultants Do?

Controlled environment agricultural consultants have various duties when working with a client. These responsibilities will aid the client in finding which areas of their business they can improve and what new methods they should implement. Typical duties include:

  • Visiting operations to gather information and data about client’s business’
  • Analyzing Data
  • Conducting Research
  • Developing Financial Models
  • Developing relevant strategies to support client’s business plans based on data
  • Recommending New Technology
  • Implementing New Processes
  • Maintain awareness of sector developments as well as the wider controlled environment agricultural sector. 

Most of the work can be done from home or office with a thorough monitoring infrastructure, although some consultants must spend time on site at facilities and farms developing these functions. 

Skills and Qualifications of a Controlled Environment Agricultural Consultant

Controlled environment agricultural consultants must have a set of skills and qualifications to provide the best service to their clients. These set of skills include:

  • Research 
  • Data Analysis
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Industry Experience

Besides possessing these skills, controlled environment agricultural consultants must have a strong understanding of plants, processes, and people. In addition, they must have a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science or agribusiness.

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Services Provided by Controlled Environment Agricultural Consultants

As we have learned, controlled environment agricultural consultants play a vital role in supporting cultivators, businesses, and organizations by offering a range of specialized services. Their job is to use their expertise to optimize cultivation operations, enhance productivity, and be aware of modern cultivation practices that can help a client’s business. 

Crop and Media Management Advice

Consultants are responsible for crop monitoring at their client’s operations. They provide guidance on crop selection, planting techniques, plant health, irrigation, environment, yields, quality assurance & quality control, and any other crop monitoring aspects for their clients. In addition, they analyze media, fertilizers, and cost to performance structures. Based on the results, they give recommendations on media improvement, nutrient management, and cost conservation. 

Cultivation Planning and Optimization

Besides advising in media and crop management, controlled environment agricultural consultants also assist in planning a cultivation and operations layout, infrastructure, and equipment selection. Their expertise will help their clients optimize crop production, facility usage, and development.

Financial and Risk Analysis

Cultivation operations also come with potential risks that need to be foreseen. Controlled environment agricultural consultants assess these risks and develop risk management plans. In addition, they also assist with insurance coverage with redundant failsafes and strategies to mitigate risks. 

Sustainable Controlled Environment Agricultural Practices

Consultants have expertise in cultivation, water management, electrical conservation, and environmental impact & preservation. A controlled environment agricultural consultant will promote sustainable cultivation practices as well as necessary data collection and compliance with environmental regulations.

Pest and Disease Management Strategies

Cultivation businesses have the risk of pests and diseases being spread throughout their crops. Controlled environment agricultural consultants are responsible for developing pest control strategies to mitigate and eradicate pests and diseases from the cultivation facility. 

Best Agricultural Advising for Your Business

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