Fan Leaves

After the cotyledons have begun to produce energy for the cannabis plant to grow, the first serrated fan leaves will bloom a few days later. These fan leaves continue to enlarge while growing the additional apexes or fingers associated with the marijuana plant anatomy. When the fan leaves grow, they use water, sun, and carbon dioxide to create sugars. A fan leaf typically has five, seven, nine, or more fingers in its prime. The appearance of the fan leaf can differ depending on the type of cannabis strain. Sativa strains typically have more slender fan leaves with more leaves per plant than indica, with nearly thirteen in some cases. The indica strains differ in appearance by having fuller fan leaves and usually less than sativas, with somewhere between seven and nine. There are also auto flowers, or Ruderalis leaves, which are distinctly shorter than indica or sativa strains and have fewer fingers, usually three to five. The fan leaves are also thinner on the Ruderalis strains. Fan leaves have lower cannabinoid concentrations, as their primary functions are storing water, absorbing sunlight, and protecting the flower. Many consumers will judge the overall plant health based on the appearance of the fan leaves.


Arguably one of the most essential parts of a cannabis plant. The flowers, also known as buds, are the prized possession of the cannabis plant for cannabis consumers. The cannabis flower contains cannabinoids and terpenes, which give cannabis the taste and potent aromas associated with certain strains. When describing the cannabis bud anatomy, the flowers have a teardrop shape and consist of pistils that attach to the bracts. You’ll notice that the cannabis flower is usually covered in crystal-like trichomes, and the more trichomes the plant has, the more desirable the cannabis flower. The flower is part of the cannabis plant anatomy that gives users the feeling of being high after consuming. Medical patients seeking relief from symptoms of their debilitating health conditions find many medicinal benefits associated with cannabis flowers. It’s important to remember that the flower only grows from female plants. The buds are dried, and many people grind them before smoking or consuming them. If you make a trip to your local dispensary, you’ll find many strains of cannabis flower already ground up and ready to purchase for easy toking.